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Many of you are aware that my book Eat, Drink and Remarry is hot off the presses. In the short time I have been marketing my book, I have had the good fortune to connect with many wonderful people in the wedding business. One person in particular is Paula Bisacre. Paula is the mastermind behind Remarriage Works, LLC. Remarriage Works is a multi-media resource for people getting married for the second (or third) time. Her website is an amazing source of information from encore wedding dresses to blended family counseling.

I started writing my book because of the lack of help during the planning of my second wedding. I tried to plan it like my first and struggled the whole way through. I looked online to find only first time marriage sites that never addressed my current situation. A resource like Remarriage Works and its sister site, would have saved me much time and heartache.

Planning a second wedding is a completely different experience than planning a first. But most wedding professionals do not acknowledge this extremely important point. The ceremony is often times outside of a place of worship so picking a venue is a big undertaking and coinciding with that, you must find a creative alternative for your wedding officiant. The invitations are worded differently. The brides dress is often times scaled down. A bride wants to look amazing but not covered in a mountain of tulle. There may be little ones from a previous marriage to consider in the ceremony, reception and beyond into your new marriage. The list goes on and on. Not to mention one of the biggest hindrances to enjoying your second wedding planning is all of the guilt that you have carried since the end of your first marriage. I know from experience that if you don’t exorcise that demon, it sits and waits to show itself at every opportunity in the process.

Eat, Drink and Remarry is a resource for creative ideas but is also a comfort to those getting married again. We all love to hear stories similar to our own. That is why Chicken Soup for the Soul is so successful. Just hearing someone else survived the same train wreck goes along way.

After buying my book and reading it from cover to cover (it’s a great and short read!) I urge you to check out Remarriage Works. Paula has taken this very neglected demographic under her wing and is helping to smooth out the inevitable bumps in this journey to a happy and healthy second marriage and blended family. I believe in her vision so much that I became a Titanium Sponsor of all of the Remarriage Showcases for 2012. I look forward to a great year ahead with Remarriage Works!

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