The Glamorous

The yogi in me has been working on evolving right out of my body for almost ten years. Some days feel more evolved than others. Amidst the vast array of spiritual and self-help books that defined my thirties some things about me are different, some things are exactly the same. Today I am focusing on all that is exactly the same.

As 2013 marks the 40th year I grace this planet, I still cannot shake the all-or-nothing mentality that permeates all corners of my personality. I finally figured instead of trying to change it, I might as well embrace it. Some time ago I adopted the Eat, Pray, Love mantra “God lives in you, as you.” Those words bring me peace when I fail to reach the pinnacle of perfection I so believe I should reach.

A few posts ago I was documenting my experiment of growing out my natural hair color. Well, I have to say, that experiment is over. Sorry Jackie! I tried. The conclusion is my natural hair color is still: Mouse. And life is too short for Mouse. The part of me that thought I should be evolved enough for mousy hair got pantsed by the part of me that felt wronged when my towhead locks faded all those years ago.

In my freshly highlighted defense, a few extravaganzas popped up on the calendar to put a swift end to said experiment. It is amusing how tolerable bad hair is if your big outing is the grocery store but anything slightly more exciting has one running to the salon for some brightening. Two such events occurred in February, reminding me that looking good and working on looking good are not only ok, but required on a regular basis.

One experience worth every penny was a professional photo shoot by master artist, Sharon “Sharky” Birke. You too can let your glamorous side shine with Sharky. Find her, and more of my shoot here:  I am now convinced that all women should have beautiful images of themselves. It reminds us that, as Sharky puts it, we are all goddesses. Damn, I love 40 and I am not even there yet. If nothing else, I love myself way more in this decade than I ever did in previous decades.

Everything about working with Sharky from start to finish was a lesson on how to “do it right.” From her divine to the nine’s table set with jewel-toned pottery and glassware to her perfectly packaged finished product, Sharky is a living lesson in how to love your life.

The day of my shoot I was graced with meeting not only one master artist, but two. Wendy Boiardi used my face as a canvas to create a “me’ that was worth a thousand words. I can take comfort in the fact that my husband loves the natural type so when I wake up in the morning, he loves me, frizz and all. BUT a girl should be glamorous once in a while. And I am now officially hooked. It has given me my new-found love of false eyelashes. Have you tried those?? I will never wear mascara again. Wendy’s work speaks for itself. She is so un-abashedly popular, she doesn’t need a website. Her email is She is in New Jersey but I would drive there again to have such an exquisite transformation.

I admit it was not love at first sight with my photos. My self-criticizer was at the ready to pick apart all that was wrong about my waistline, my teeth, my…God I Look Like My MOTHER!!! I couldn’t be objective at first. But then I came around. I now appreciate these treasures for more than they at first appeared to be….

I did not want this picture above in the yes pile for that very reason. I see my mother. But then I realized, that’s ok. My mother was wonderful. For so long I had fought all that was the same as my mother for too many reasons to go into here. Looking at this photo, my eyes filled with tears remembering something my grandfather said ten years ago: “Stacey, you have your mother’s heart.”

In our nano-attention span, iPhone picture-taking world, treasures like these are diminishing. I thank God (and Goddess) for Sharky and honor all that she is doing to add beauty to this world.
I now cherish this picture as a reminder of who my mother was, who I am as a part of her, and who I am as all of me. Thank you Sharky for helping me tell my story.

3 Responses to The Glamorous
  1. Ed
    March 1, 2013 | 2:35 pm

    Your mother would be proud;)

    • staceylu
      March 1, 2013 | 3:38 pm

      aaww, shucks Ed. Thank you! xo

  2. Sharky
    March 1, 2013 | 4:05 pm

    I, too, come from the “Oh, no, I look like my mother” camp so I completely understand, Stacey. I confess my hypercritical grandma is the “inspiration” behind my work.

    They say we live with the guru we need and ,of course, I grew up in her house where no one was ever good enough. Eventually, I came to realize:
    1. She picks me (and everyone else) apart because she can
    2. I need not do the same to myself and to others
    3. My job in this lifetime is love and praise. Thank you for both, Stacey, and for saying it out loud. You have your mother’s heart AND great beauty!


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