Well, I’ll be Ma’amed

So I had an altercation with a traffic cop yesterday that set my whole day off on a bad note. I couldn’t figure out what was bugging me more; his abuse of authority or his tone when he called me ma’am. Both were unwelcomed. Maybe he was having a bad day, although it was 9am…

Remarriage Works!

      Many of you are aware that my book Eat, Drink and Remarry is hot off the presses. In the short time I have been marketing my book, I have had the good fortune to connect with many wonderful people in the wedding business. One person in particular is Paula Bisacre. Paula is…


Did you ever have the experience of hearing a few casual words and having them hit you so profoundly it shifts your way of seeing the world? I saw a dear friend yesterday (one that I do not see nearly enough) and a quick, four word sentence from her has completely changed my life. That…


The day started as usual. My son, J woke up and climbed into his parent’s bed ready to watch his morning shows. I lean in for our morning snuggle to instead be greeted by a morning sneeze. “Uuuugggghhhhh!” Being sneezed on any time of the day is the pits but first thing in the morning?…

Confessions of an all or nothing girl…my quest for balance on the road to better health

I love to eat gluten. Why does it get such a bad rap these days? Pasta with butter is one of my favorite meals. It’s what we were all raised on for goodness sake. What happened to good ol’ Kraft Mac and Cheese? I don’t dare admit to having a box of it in the…

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