Saying goodbye to the cookie biz!

I didn’t think formally removing myself from the confectionary world was going to be a big deal. My heart hasn’t been in baking since, well, my heart was never in baking so I didn’t give much lead up to the emails and phone calls to my customers telling them StaceyLu was moving on. I didn’t give any thought to it until I started writing those notes. I felt sadness, nervous, as I clicked send.

I created this company from an idea. And it is great. I always knew someday StaceyLu would be bigger and different and wouldn’t necessarily involve cookies. Well, today is that day. It has been coming for awhile. I am supposed to be doing something great with my life and I was doing nothing with cookies. My heart wasn’t in it and it needs to be to be great or why bother at all. My head gets it but my heart pangs just the same. I wont miss the flour and the mess that took over my house. By changing my course, I will never be Entrepreneur of the Year for cookie designs. It will have to be for some other business idea. So, the cookie biz was just the beginning. The proverbial one door closing while a floodgate is opening. I can handle that.

I would be really sad if StaceyLu were ending which isn’t the case at all. StaceyLu has the chance for greatness and will be amazingly successful.  Somewhere along my journey in recent years I discovered the joy and freedom that comes from living your personal truth, telling it like it is.  I also discovered that I am funny, and people enjoy reading what I write. Writing has been my cork. You are thinking “what do you mean by cork?” I will tell you…

Picture a cork in your hand. You are holding it tight and you submerge it in water. You let go, it floats to the top. You submerge it again. You let go and it floats to the top. The thing about corks is they tirelessly float to the top, every time. You will never beat the cork. It will always come back up. So, writing is my cork. It has come back up over and over in my life for 6 years and I am finally giving it its voice.

What is your cork? You should pay attention to your corks. They are the things in your life that you should be trying, doing, being, living but you are ignoring, suppressing, submerging under water. Our corks are why we are here.

I hope you check in on me often. This wonderful platform of “the blog” is a great place to figure life out and have fun along the way.

Until next time, StaceyLu

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  1. Katie
    March 8, 2010 | 3:22 pm

    Welcome! 😉 This is a wonderful continuation of your entrepreneurship.

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